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   Car Rental

Cotulla La Salle County Airport
550 Airport Road Cotulla, Texas 78014

Vehicle availability
(subject to change):

1. 2012 White Impala (4 door)- $55
2. 2009 White Impala (4 door)- $55
3. 2005 Blue LeSabre (4 door)- $50
4. 2009 Silver Suburban (seats 8)- $110
5. 2003 Tan Yukon (4WD)(seats 7)- $100
6. 2007 White Yukon (seats 7)- $100
7. 2002 Gray Suburban (seats 8)- $90
8. 2002 Gold Suburban (seats 8)- $90
9. 2003 Black GMC Yukon XL (seats 8)- $90
10. 1994 White Suburban (4WD)(seats 8)- $80
11. 1996 Red Chevrolet Extended Cab Pickup (4WD)- $90

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Page Aviation offers vehicles for rent, subject to the following provisions:

1. Renters must be 25 years of age or older, with a valid driver's license.
2. Renters must provide a credit card for payment (debit cards are not acceptable).
3. Renters must provide proof of insurance for their own vehicle(s).

General information:

1. There are mileage charges ($0.15/mile) after the initial 200 free miles per day.
2. Vehicles must be returned with as much fuel as when taken, or pay $4/gallon refueling fee.
3. Cars are not to be driven off paved roads.
4. Trucks and Suburbans may be taken off paved roads.
5. Damages to tires and vehicles are the responsibility of the renters.
6. Excessively dirty (or muddy) returns will be subject to a cleaning charge

Lodging reservations Lodging reservations will be made on request, or you can call yourself. There are many hotels/motels in town, plus more under construction and nearing completion.
Reservations are highly recommended during hunting season.

Page Aviation serves South Texas hunters, ranchers and Eagle Ford Shale businesses at the Cotulla-La Salle County Airport by providing aircraft line services, maintenance and car rentals in the heart of Eagle Ford Shale!
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