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   Airport Info   (DETAILED Airport Info)

The runway is currently 6,005 x 75 with new 4-bar PAPI approach lights on each end. The airport category has also been increased to safely accommodate larger airplanes.

Large corporate jets, including all Citations, Challengers, Falcons, Hawkers and Gulfstreams routinely use the airport.

A&P-IA Mechanic on staff.

The airport is served by three GPS and VOR approaches that provide the best (lowest) approach minimums between San Antonio and Laredo, and the airport is slated to receive GPS LPV approaches (250' AGL minimums) on September 18th. The straight-in approaches to each runway are especially nice.

Airport Security is excellent. Security includes six security lights and a video surveillance system, plus the runway and ramp are enclosed by a tall, deer-proof (resistant) fence that provides good security as well as a safe aircraft operations area. The airport manager also lives on the airport, overlooking the ramp, providing an added measure of security.

The Cotulla-La Salle County Airport (KCOT) is well suited for a wide range of operations due to its location and capabilities, and there is ample acreage and infrastructure on the airport to accommodate large-scale airport operations.
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The National Weather Service automated weather system
on the airport is a definite advantage for FAA Part 135 air taxi operators and others seeking enhanced safety. This system provides continuous official weather, which is reported through normal NWS/FAA channels, over a VHF transmitter on 118.32 MHz and by phone at 830-879-2861.
  The Airport Manager will gladly assist to the degree requested, during planning, preparation and completion of specific flights and/or other needs.

Airport News
Construction is in Progress

The new 6,005' runway is available at this time; the new ramp and south taxiways open September 9th. New GPS-LPV approaches will be published September 18th. Project scheduled for completion in December. During the remainder of the project, the 6,005' runway will remain open except for brief scheduled closures; check NOTAMS.

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